royale air vietnam

Royale Air Vietnam is a luxury international airline concept based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Royale aims to provide passengers an upscale, comforting, and memorable flight experience in and out of Vietnam, which is increasingly becoming a more developed and urbanized country. This theme of luxury is based on Vietnam’s royal history and is meant to elevate the country’s status as an upcoming cosmopolitan hub.
The target audience for Royale Vietnam are travelers ranging from the ages of 30-50 that are looking to spend a little more for a luxurious flight experience. These travelers not only care about their destination, but also the experience getting there. Such guests want an airline that is not only dependable but also impressive and upscale in its services.
Royale Vietnam’s main message is about luxurious and stress-free traveling that is reinforced through the rich branding system and royal treatment of passengers. The tone of Royale will be regal, elegant, and majestic with hints of traditional Vietnamese folklore. Symbolism from the imperial era will be reinterpreted in patterning and color schemes, paying homage to sacred animals like the dragon and phoenix, both of which represent emperors and empresses in Vietnamese history. In this regard, guests aboard Royale Vietnam will be considered an extension of this historical dialogue, since they will be treated like royalty with the utmost care, diligence, and respect. Guests are the heart of the airline and Royale aims to deliver with superior performance.